Core Documents

Here is version 1.0 of the current development plan for Chicagoland:

Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs (March 2012)

This image shows clearly how the infrastructure projects (paid for by the private/public bank) lie at the center of a much more comprehensive effort to remake the entire region, including ourselves (the so-called “human capital”) and the ground the we live on (“neighborhood assets” ie gentrified real estate). Click on the image for a larger version:

Chicago has always had these kinds of plans, going back to the Burnham architectural plan, or more recently, the 1973 Chicago 21 Plan for the transformation of The Loop. The immediate predecessor of the current Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs can be found here:

Chicago Metropolis 2020: Development and Transportation

The more official, seemingly more democratic regional development plan by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning — which overlaps significantly with the above, but does pay a lot more attention to quality of living issues — is here:

GO TO 2040 (October 2010)


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